Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is a staple of the household. It ensures you have the food needed to keep you going day to day. Taking so much of the work means it is susceptible to breaking down.

Refrigerator repairs does necessitate professional workmanship, however, there are ways to DIY the concerns. It's applicable to utilize simple troubleshooting methods, if you're experienced enough. By using simple tools such as drills and screwdrivers, you'll be able to cost-effectively repair your refrigerator by yourself.

Being able to save your time and money is a must, thus, DIY work is a first-choice option for a lot of handymen. This process can be as easy as ensuring all controls are correct, as well as the power and coils.

Ensuring your coils are cleaned at least once per year will elongate the refrigerators lifecycle. If your model is side-by-side or built-in, cleaning would be advised at least once every two years. By learning how to clean your coils, you are bettering the chance of a longer lasting refrigerator.

12 Common Refrigerator Issues for Repair

1. Noisy

Refrigerator noise is the most common issue. Around 29% of owners reported to us that their refrigerator was too loud. When this happens, a substitute is needed.

2. Fails to Start

Ensure the capacitor of the refrigerator is still running if there is no start. Ensure you check the control board, as well as the temperature control to see whether there are any apparent issues. It was reported that 18% of consumers had a refrigerator fail to start in their lifetime.

3. Leaking

Leakages are usually a result of a seal issue, or even a faulty inlet valve that permits water flow to the outer. Around 27% of consumers claimed their refrigerator had a leak. This could be due to the ice maker causing damage.

4. Ice Maker Not Making Ice

It is common for ice makers to cease working. In this case, ensure you assess the tubes, filters and valves at the rear of the refrigerator. Check for leakages or disruptions. There was a 6% response rate of related concerns.

5. Refrigerator is Too Warm

A fridge that doesn't cool is useless. Try replacing the air damper or diffuser to try access cool air to the refrigerator. Again, 6% of consumers experienced a similar concern.

6. No Water Dispensing

A lack of water dispensing means the valve may be broken. This was common among only 3% of owners.

7. The Freezer and Fridge Sections are Too Warm

Regulating refrigerator temperature is paramount. If temperatures are too high, try assessing the sensor or control switches to fix the concern.

8. Faulty Lighting

Lighting issues are usually the cause of a necessary bulb replacement. If there is shadowy light, it will need repairing. Only 1% of consumers claimed to have experienced this.

9. Fridge Runs for Long

The temperature of the freezer is dependent upon the defrost heater and timer. If the fridge continues operating, these clogs may need replacing. Once again, only 1% experienced the issue at hand.

10. Sweating Door

A broken seal can cause sweating in the refrigerator door. This might necessitate a new gathering. A mere 1% reported this as of concern.

11. Fridge is Too Cold

A malfunction in line with the inlet damper will drop temperatures too low. This means the refrigerator is receiving air from exterior inlets. Assess control boards and sensors to examine the issue.

12. Freezer is Too Cold

Malfunctioning temperature sensors will make the freezer excessively cold. As mentioned above, an issue with the inlet damper will also cause excess cold air entering the fridge.

For any of the concerns listed above or any other issues, Trent's Repair team have the experts to help your situation. We provide service to the Kernersville area and have done so for a number of years. We have garnered the expertise, knowledge and skillset to solve any refrigerator concern.