Oven Repair

Oven Repair

The oven is a kitchen stalwart. Meal preparation is made a whole lot harder when your oven decides to malfunction.

No matter how careful you are, ovens and stoves are bound to run into issues. A fault can cause major problems to your everyday life. In order to alleviate the irritation of a broken oven, use the same-day service repair option offered by Ark Appliance Repair.

Our team is dedicated to getting all your oven needs sorted as soon as possible. We have the education and skillset to work with almost all oven issues.

Signs You Need Professional Oven Repair

There are a range of issues associated with your oven - have a look at a few below.

Incorrect temperature

A preheated oven should result in a consistent temperature. If temperature displayed is greater than that of what is set, then you should fix the temperature control settings. An expert should be called if there is no fix after this step has been done.

The appliance won't turn on

An issue with wiring, or a defect in the control could cause an issue. Additionally, element issues and power concerns in relation to any units will not allow the oven to turn on. In gas ovens, defects in the igniter, valve or gas control will also hinder appliances turning on.

It is not advised to attempt DIY in order to fix these issues. Electrical concerns bring with them high risk of danger; thus, a professional should be utilized.

The oven light isn't working

Replacing the light bulb should be your first step. If there is no fix, then it may be a defective light switch or wiring system you are dealing with. Our team of oven repair experts will be able to solve your issues and save you from the dangers of electrical shocks.

The appliance door doesn't open or shut

An issue with the hinge could be the main concern here. This would need replacing and requires tedious reassembling of the panel and door. This should only be undertaken by a trained pro.

The oven doesn't self-clean

It is most likely due to a door switch malfunction. In order for self-cleaning to begin, the door needs to be locked. Other common concerns are usually in line with the thermostat, control board, or wiring system. The team at Ark Appliance Repair will assess your machine and swiftly diagnose the issue.


If there seems to be any holes in or around your oven, this may be rusting as a result of moisture and cooking. This is an uneconomical task, which would best be solved by purchasing a new machine.

If any of these issues relate to you, do not wait - call us right away!

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