Freezer Repair

Freezer Maintenance

Having your freezer break down can be a lot more money than you'd expect. You're most likely going to lose a lot in food if it's not solved the same day. If the problem persists, it could leak all the way into your fridge. That means more and more incurring costs from just a simple malfunctioning part.

You could fix it yourself and run the risk of doing more damage to your fridge or call us at Ark Appliance Repair and have us get it done the same day. You can rest assured with us doing it right the first time with our years of experience and for a reasonable cost.

Common Freezer Issues

The appliance just won't turn on

This problem is usually an electrical one and can be solved by simply flipping the breaker switch. If that doesn't do it, we can come in to see if it's a wiring issue or an electrician needs to help with your voltage issue.

No cooling

The coolant in your system isn't circulating which is a big problem. This could be from a feeding system being blocked or something malfunctioning that isn't cooling the air to the necessary temperature.

Too Much Cooling

An excessive amount of frost built up on your freezer is not a normal occurrence. It usually means that the temperature regulation system in the fridge is set too high or just not working completely. If it's the latter, we can come in and get it back to regular in just a few hours.

Shoddy Temperature

If there's a lot of debris in your pipes then that can cause your temperature to be inconsistent with readings. The debris can shift and the coolant will be greater on some days and less than others. Routine cleaning of the pipes is a surefire way to prevent this.


If your freezer doesn't close all the way it could lead to two things. The first is spoiled food since the outside temperature will bring your freezer temp down. The second is an excess of condensation on your door because the seal is faulty. Our techs can do a simple patch job in as little as a half hour.

Other indications

• Malfunctioning safety switches

• Defective defrost control timers

• Evaporator fans that don't work

Call Ark Appliance Repair of Kernersville, NC

We work with many common freezer manufacturers, including LG, Revco, Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Kelvinator and Samsung. We don't want you to worry about your freezer woes, that's something you should leave to us.

By having our experienced experts come in and help you, you'll expedite the time process and maybe be able to salvage your food. On top of that our reasonable quotes will save you in the long run by eliminating frequent visits. Give us a call today.